Ohio Wesleyan offers $25K in Financial Aid for New, Vaccinated Students

(Cleveland, OH) – There is now a chance for college-ready students to attend a campus where there is no mask-wearing and no social distance.

Ohio Wesleyan University is opening its doors wide – with $25,000 scholarships – for new students who wish to attend a campus where all classes are in-person and all students are required to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

“Currently, only a handful of colleges in Ohio are requiring all students to be vaccinated,” said Stefanie Niles, Ed.D., Ohio Wesleyan’s vice president for enrollment and communications. “We know that many students out there would prefer to live and learn on a campus where they feel safe and where they know they won’t have to experience another year of mask-wearing and social distancing. We can offer that at Ohio Wesleyan.”

The university has set up a fast-track process for these students, enabling them to be admitted and enrolled in time for the start of classes on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

“After we announced our vaccination policy, dozens of students and parents from across the university sent us notes of truly heartfelt thanks,” Niles said. “In addition to protecting our campus community, this policy is going to substantially reduce stress on campus for students who have experienced a lot of anxiety during the past 18 months.

“We think that’s going to create a great environment for learning, for sports, and for student life,” she said.

There are 50 Fall Semester spots available for new or transfer students who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and who apply for admission at www.owu.edu/FastTrack by Monday, Aug. 9.

For more information, visit www.owu.edu/FastTrack, or call (740) 368-3020 or (800) 922-8953.

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