CMSD Updates on Dress Code Guidelines for 2021-2022 School Year

Cleveland,OH - This year just keeps flying by, just like that summer is almost over and school is coming!

Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon updated some school guidelines Monday, July 26 about the upcoming dress code for academic school year this fall. Dress codes have been reviewed for schools in Northeast Ohio, large city schools in Ohio, and schools across the country. Students and parents gave feedback for a more inclusive set of dress expectations.

The new dress code allows for them to dress in a way that is appropriate, comfortable and conductive to academic learning while supporting body positivity and self image. Students will not be required to wear clothes but will be given the choice as long as they remain in the CMSD dress code guidelines. A list is included below:

  • Clothing that is see-through
  • Clothing where the buttocks or torso is exposed
  • Clothing or accessories that show profanity, obscene words or pictures, sexually suggestive statements, violence or incitement to violence
  • clothing representing gang-related activities 
  • clothing where the entire thigh is exposed, such as micro minis or short shorts.
  • bathing suits or cut-offs
  • the wearing and carrying of tobacco promotional items, or items promoting controlled substances (drugs) and/or alcohol
  • clothing where undergarments are exposed 
  • clothing that has text or visual images that is libelous, bullying, constitutes harassment or discrimination
  • backless or open toe shoes

Students and families that wish to wear a traditional or formal school uniform will be able to but it is not required. Students are encouraged to include parents and families in the selection of their choice of uniforms and clothing to give enough time to purchase such clothes.

The guidelines are posted on CMSD website and educators have been informed of the latest update.

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