Grafton Remains Village Despite Growing Population

Photo: Village of Grafton

CLEVELAND, OH - Village of Grafton in Lorain county will remain a village with no plans to expand as it undergoes major construction to improve the village's appearance. Ohio's Law counts populations of less than 5,000 registered voters as villages and Grafton's population is over 6,000, though it includes children and prisoners which are not registered voters.

Shamrock Development Co. owned by the village are in the process of building new houses in the area with expectations of not exceeding the growth limit. Grafton's residents get the opportunity to vote on what is happening in the community. Residents voted for more crosswalks yet no more roads because of the local feeling without as many roadways and highways.

The Ohio Department of Transportation will help with new constructions downtown Grafton and officials will have two more public official meetings about reconstruction of the not so growing village.

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