Sherrod Brown Wants Lordstown Motors To Give A Plan For Its Future

(Washington) - US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has asked the newly appointed chair of the board of Lordstown Motor Company to develop and share a plan for the company,s reform, and to work with labor leaders in the Mahoning Valley who have expertise in vehicle manufacturing.

Lordstown Motors is the startup company that took over the former GM assembly plant in Lordstown with the promise of making electric trucks. A federal investigation into the company began when it was learned that now-former executives of Lordstown Motors had made misleading claims about pre-orders of the Endurance truck, and that the company had sed in a Securities and Exchange statement that the company did not have the money to build trucks. That statement has since been withdrawn by the company.

In a letter to Lordstown Motors Executive Chair Angela Strand, Brown wrote, “Your company arrived in the Mahoning Valley with the stated desire to turn this area into ‘Voltage Valley.’Lordstown Motors owes the Valley the next-generation electric future it was promised,”said Brown.“To that end, I ask that you develop, and share with me, a detailed plan on how you intend to reform your corporate practices to provide greater transparency for workers, investors and the community by the end of the month.”

(Photo Courtesy Senator Brown's Office)

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