Reed's Proposal To Prevent Crime In Cleveland

(Cleveland) - One of the seven candidates for mayor of Cleveland in the September primary says he'd like to help cut the crime rate in the city by looking for its root causes.

Former City Council member Zack Reed today announced a plan that acknowledges the symptoms of crime, and dealing with crime before it happens. Reed plans on hiring more police officers, but also making sure they're trained in getting to know people in the areas they patrol, while also being trained in de-escalation techniques. Reed says that's necessary, given that as much as 90% of crime in Cleveland is retaliatory, with people exacting revenge on others.

Reed has also proposed bringing in people from the organization Curb Violence. They specialize in community-based techniques for public safety.

The other candidates in the September primary are Justin Bibb, Ross DiBello, Basheer Jones, Kevin Kelley, Dennis Kucinich, and Sandra Williams.

(Photo courtesy Zack Reed for Mayor)

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