Ohio Turnpike Looking To Bill Drivers Who Don't Pay Toll

(Berea) - The Ohio Turnpike is planning to create designated lanes that allow you to go through without stopping, but first, they need to deal with people who try to cheat the system.

Already, a lot of states have EZ-Pass lanes that you can use at highway speeds. The Ohio Turnpike is planning to have them here by 2023. However, they're also pushing for passage of Senate bill 162, which would allow the Turnpike to send bills to drivers who go through these lanes without an EZ-Pass transponder.

The bill would be generated based on a photo taken of your license plate. If you don't pay the bill, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles would be able to block your annual vehicle registration, much like can be done for unpaid parking tickets.

The Turnpike's eventual plan to to have all cashless operations, with those that don't have EZ-Pass to receive a bill.

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