Sheffield Lake Police Chief Accused of Racial Incident

(Sheffield Lake) - Sheffield Lake Chief of Police Anthony Campo has left his job, either having been fired, or taking an early retirement, all over a racial incident at police headquarters.

Surveillance video shows Campo laying out a yellow raincoat on a desk, a raincoat to be used by a Black police officer. Campo walks over to a copy machine, and pulls off from it a piece of paper reading "Ku Klux Klan," which he then puts on the raincoat. The raincoat and the sign are later seen by the Black officer.

Sheffield Lake Mayor Dennis Bring says that once he learned of the incident, he immediately demand the chief turn in his badge and gun.

Campo was contacted by our partners at 3 News, and says he has retired from his job, and that the wjhole incident was nothing more than "internal office politics," and "playing around."

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