Man Shot Dead, Others Wounded, At Wayne County Drag Strip

(West Salem, Ohio) - In Wayne County, they're looking for the suspect in a multiple shooting at a drag strip. It happened late Sunday afternoon in the parking lot of Dragway 42, near West Salem.

A full day of races at the track was wrapping up, when accoridng to Wayne County Sheriff's Deputies, a man was seen doing "burnouts" in the parking lot, kicking up gravel toward people. The drag strip owner and others tried to confront the man, That's when the man in the truck got out, and shot at people. Another man shot back in self-defense.

At least two men were shot, one of whom died. News 5 is reporting that witnesses to the shooting say the victims were brothers from Cleveland. There were believed to be other victims, but they apparently went to the hospital on their own.

Wayne County Deputies know who the shooter is, but are not confirming his name.

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