Food Bank To Continue Muni Lot Food Distributions

(Cleveland) - U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, on Wednesday, visited the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, where Brown thanked Food Bank staff and volunteers for all they do to help the needy, while Food Bank officials thanked Brown for his support of federal funding for programs that allow the Food Bank to provide meals to needy children while school is out.

Food Bank President and CEO Kristin Warzocha says they will continue their weekly mass food distributions at the Municipal Lot on the Shoreway for maybe another two or three years. She says they're planning for five years of distributions due to the pandemic, and they're now in their second year.

The Ohio National Guard has helped out with the Muni Lot distributions, but Sgt. Christopher Wooden says their service to the Food Bank will end within a few weeks. The Food Bank will need more volunteers to carry out the weekly mass distributions. The Food Bank has more information on their web site.

Sen. Sherrod Brown and Food Bank CEO Kristin Warzocha - Photo By Tom Moore, WTAM

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