First "Vax-a-Million" Winners Announced

Photo credit: Getty Images

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio Lottery on Wednesday announced the first winners of the state's "Vax-a-Million" drawings, which gives residents who get vaccinated against coronavirus a chance at one-million dollars.

The drawings were held on Monday, and the winners announced on Wednesday, so state health officials can verify the status of the winners' vaccinations.

Abigail Bugenske of Silverton, in the Cincinnati area, is the winner of the 1st million-dollar drawing.

Lottery officials also held a drawing for those aged 12 to 17, who get vaccinated, and they receive a full-ride, four-year scholarship to any public college or university in Ohio.

Joseph Costello of Englewood, in the Dayton area, is the winner of that drawing.

Both drawings will continue once a week for the next four weeks, as more Ohioans get vaccinated. The deadline for each weekly drawing is the preceding Sunday.

You can enter the drawing by going to this website.

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