Cleveland Water Rate Hike Considered By City Council

(Cleveland) - City Council is considering a water rate increase for both city and suburban water users, but not until 2024.

The proposed water rate increase would be 3.5% across the board, but it would be a higher dollar rate increase for suburban water users, as they are charged more for the cost of pumping water further away from Lake Erie. According to, a Cleveland household using an average of 500 cubic feet of water per month would pay 87 cents more per month. A customer in an outer ring suburb using 500 cubic feet of water per month, would pay $1.03 more per month.

The proposed increase would not come until 2024, because a consultant felt that by then, if an increase were not put into effect, the water department would have to start dipping into emergency reserve funds.

Council could approve the increase before their summer recess starts in June.

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