Papers Filed To Prevent Rehiring Of Killer Of Tamir Rice

(Columbus) - The lawyer for the mother of Tamir Rice has filed what's called a Friend of the Court brief, to take a stand against efforts by the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association to have former Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann reinstated to his job. Loehmann shot and killed the 12-year-old. He was fired from the Cleveland Police for lying on his job application.

Samaria Rice's attorney Subodh Chandra, says Rice is against the CPPA's effort to have Loehmann reinstated. Loehmann, and his partner, were not criminally charged in the boy's death.,

Samaria Rice told 3 News anchor Russ Mitchell that the union is wasting their time and their money. She said if she had the chance to speak to Loehmann, she would tell him that his career in law enforcement is over, and he should find some other employment. Samaria Rice also said, "hopefully God will spare you, and have mercy on you, when that day (of judgement) comes."

Photo Courtesy Chandra Law Firm

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