Eight Years Ago: Freedom For Three Women

(Cleveland) - it was eight years ago, On May 6, 2013, that a call came to Cleveland 911:

"Help me, I'm Amanda Berry! I've been kidnapped, and missing for ten years, but I'm here. I'm free now!"

Berry, along with Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, all had been held captive by Ariel Castro in his house on Seymour Avenue for over 10 years. One day, when Castro left the house, Berry was able to break her way out, and made it to a neighbor's house, where she called 911.

Castro was convicted for kidnapping all three of the women. DeJesus and Berry had been kidnapped as teenagers, Knight as a young adult. Castro died in prison. His house on Seymour has been torn down.

The women all went on to various ways of helping others who have been declared missing, or victims of human trafficking. Berry does regular reports about missing people on Fox 8 news. DeJesus co-founded the Cleveland Family Center For Missing Children and Adults. The two co-wrote a book about their experiences, which became a New York Times bestseller.

Knight changed her name to Lily Rose. She has written two books, and is a motivational speaker. talking about missing and exploited people, and human trafficking.

(Photo by Angelo Merendino, Getty Images)

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