Park And Island Proposed For East Side Along Lake Shore

(Cleveland) - The Cleveland Metroparks are working on a plan to create about 80 acres of park space on Lake Erie, right across I-90 from the site of the old Illuminating Company power plant. That plan calls for creation of an island, which would be connected to the lake shore by a bridge.

Metroparks CEO Brian Zimmerman told our partners at 3 news the island would be created from landfill, which is not all that unusual an idea, given that the area where I-90, and Burke Lakefront Airport are located was also created from landfill. he says the plan would make more of the lakefront accessible, create a bird habitat, and even create a buffer for i-90 from the lake, as this is a spot where, on windy days, lake water often gets washed up onto the freeway.

You can learn more about the proposal by logging in to a virtual public meeting, Thursday, April 22, at 7:00 p.m.

Courtesy Cleveland Metroparks

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