Cleveland Police Involved In An Officer Involved Shooting

East 134th Street Cleveland

CLEVELAND – Cleveland Police were involved in an officer involved shooting on Thursday morning in the area of E. 134th and Beachwood Avenue. Jeff Follmer, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association said the incident happened when police were actively looking for a gentleman that was wanted on a murder warrant."

Officers initially responded to the scene after receiving a call from citizens about the suspect, who had a warrant out for his arrest in connection to a homicide that occurred approximately eight blocks away, because he was “terrorizing” the neighborhood, according to Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Follmer said the cops heard a door slam when then arrived on the scene they saw a man fitting the suspect’s description trying to climb over a fence. When the suspect couldn’t get over the fence, Follmer says he came back towards the officer and pointed a gun at him. That’s when the suspect was shot. Follmer confirmed the suspect was wanted on a murder warrant and added, "I think they’ve been looking for him for the last couple of days.”

Follmer said the officer involved in the shooting has been on the force for approximately 10 years.

“He’s a shaken up a little bit right now," Follmer said. "It’s not a good feeling to have a gun pointed at you, and it’s not a good feeling to use deadly force either. It’s hard for officers, especially in today’s climate and the way things are going on. He’s doing good, but a little shaken up. We’re glad he’s here and he’s going home to his family.”

Follmer would not identify the race of the victim or the officer.

Cleveland City Councilman of Ward 1, Joseph Jones, told WTAM that he is asking for residents both in his ward, and the city of Cleveland, to stay calm until all the facts of the case are known. He added that he wants to assist and help the families who have been traumatized by the incident. If you live in Ward 1, Councilman Jones asks that residents call him at 216-355-0017 and he will do whatever he can to help.

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