Hip Hop Work Shop Presented By Al Porter Jr.

Take a Hip Hop workshop. Express yourself through art (rap, singing, poetry and dance). For information Call Al Porter, Jr. at 216.804.7462 or visit Real 106-One Cleveland dot com. Key word hip hop. Presented by Black on Black Crime.

Black on Black Crime Inc. Hip Hop Workshop was founded under the umbrella of Black on Black Crime Inc. to promote positive expressions of art (rap, singing, poetry, dance, etc.) where you can be mean but keep it clean.

Hip Hop Workshop is a family show is designed to bring adults and youth together using all types of entertainment, as well as, to serve a bridge to allow guests and artists to become more involved in the community.

Call Al Porter, Jr., the Chairman of the Hip Hop Workshop Committee of BBCI, and the President of BBCI, at 216.804.7462 to find out when and where future activities are located. Or email: jrporteralfred1969@gmail.com

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