Rocky River Police Blotter: Credit Cards Stolen From Fitness Center Lockers

03/22/21 Criminal Damage

A Lake Rd. business called to report that they found a bullet hole in one of their offices. Officers found that the bullet had come through a window and hit a wall above a doorway. The next day bullet fragments were able to be removed from the wall. There are no suspects at this time. The Detective Bureau investigated and were unable to find any further evidence or information.

03/22/21 MVA

At approximately 6:40 pm a possible road rage was reported on I-90 EB between two vehicles. The cars proceeded to exit I-90 at Detroit Rd. and while one of the vehicles was attempting to get away from the other driver, they struck a third uninvolved party. One driver thought he may have seen the other driver with a handgun but was not sure. During the investigation Officers learned that the driver of a Chevy Avalanche saw the driver of Chevy Malibu driving aggressively and speeding. When the driver of the Avalanche tried to block in the Malibu the male began to tailgate him and then started to follow him and throw water bottles at his vehicle. When the driver of the Avalanche tried to get away, he cut off another vehicle, striking their front bumper. After the accident the driver of the Avalanche stopped and got out of his vehicle and states the driver of the Malibu approached him and began throwing things at him and calling him names. He also stated that the males threatened to shoot him and that he believed he had flashed a gun at him while on the highway. The driver of the Malibu had already left the scene when Officers arrived. The male in the Avalanche refused to press charges and after several attempts to follow-up the investigation was closed.

03/23/21 Theft

At approximately 7:30 pm a patron at Planet Fitness on Detroit Rd. reported that his locker was broken into and his credit cards were stolen. Officers found that his lock had been broken off and credit cards stolen from his wallet. The victim said there had already been an attempt to use his credit cards at Walmart before he could cancel them. At approximately 8:30 pm another patron reported that his credit cards were stolen from his unlocked locker and an attempt had been made to use them at Walmart and a total of $600.00 had been spent. There are no suspects at this time and the detective bureau is investigating.

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