A Bridge To Wendy Park on Whiskey Island

(Cleveland) - Construction began Tuesday on a small bridge near downtown Cleveland, and it's a bridge that will eventually allow people to be able to walk, or ride a bicycle, all the way from the lake shore to New Philadelphia.

On Tuesday, crews lifted into place the first section of a 500-foot bridge that will carry the trail over railroad tracks on Whiskey Island. Once the bridge is finished, it will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to easily get to to and from Wendy Park, which is on the lakefront, next to the channel that takes the Cuyahoga river out into Lke Erie.

When the bridge is done, there will be a 100-mile series of trails connecting Lake Erie to Tuscawaras County. Many of those trails have been around for some time, including trails in the Cleveland Metroparks, Summit Metro Parks, and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

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