Solon Principal Did Have Affair With Former Student

(Solon) - There is new information about the situation that resulted in Solon High School Principal Erin Short being put on leave from her job during an investigation about allegations she had an affair with a former student. Short did have a physical affair with a former student, but not until the student was 19 years old, and in college.

According to The Plain Dealer and report that Short did tell Solon's superintendent that she did have an affair with the young woman when the woman was a college freshman. That's according to police records on the case.

The former student admits she made the allegations in an email sent, under a false name, to two members of the Solon Board of Education. The former student says in a written statement that Short, then an assistant principal, gave her preferential treatment while a student, grooming her for a sexual relationship. Short's attorney said that allegations the girl was being groomed are "just preposterous."

Short was reinstated to her job as principal after Solon Police and the Soon City Prosecutor determined nothing illegal had happened.

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