Vandals Sought in Olmsted Township

(Olmsted Township) - Police are looking for vandals, who early Sunday morning, did a lot of damage at some homes.

According to a post on the Olmsted Township Police Facebook Page, Sunday between 2:30 and 6 a.m., a group or groups of people caused damage to multiple homes and vehicles. Spray paint was used, and there was damage to one homeowner's air conditioning unit when corn starch was poured into it. The damage was on Glenbrook and Skyline Drives.

As police said, "this is more than kids being kids as some of the things spray painted on houses were not very nice." 19 News showed a photo of one home that had a swastika painted on it, and the message "Nazis live here."

Anyone with information can call Olmsted Township Police at 440-235-3335.

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