Teenage Carjacking Suspect Arrested

(Cleveland) - Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy, wanted in multiple violent robberies, assaults, and kidnappings on the west side. He was arrested when one of the vehicles he was accused of stealing crashed at Dead Man's Curve on I-90.

Here are some of the crimes attributed to this teenager:

On February 17, a woman left her car running in the driveway on West 31st, with her two young children in the car. As she walked away, he ran up to the car, thew the children out, and drove off

On February 21, a woman was at a bakery on Fulton Road, when the teen took her keys, assaulted her, and drove off.

On February 22, a man warming up his car on West 32nd was approached by a person who took his car. The car's owner tried to grab on to the car, and was dragged for a ways, and injured

On February 25, the teen robbed a woman at gunpoint at Sackett and Scranton, taking her car. That was the car that crashed at Dead Man's Curve. The teenager was found with the help of a K9 officer.

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