Nine-Year-Old Donates Dozens of Childrens Books To Fairview Park Police

(Fairview Park) - For his ninth birthday, a Fairview Park boy decided to help other children, and the city's police department. Malik Dayem raised enough money to buy 164 children's books, all of which he donated to the Fairview Park Police. Malik says he did it because he knew children often need help.

His goal was to buy 80 books, but he raised enough money to buy 164. Donations came from as far away as Wisconsin and North Carolina. Malik gave the books to the city Friday during a ceremony at Fairview Park City Hall.

The city happily accepted the donation, and even purchased clear plastic containers to protect the books while they are stowed in the back of police cruisers. Chief of Police Paul Shepard says that when his officers are out on a call, whether it be a traffic accident, or even just for goodwill, they will hand out the books.

Mayor Patrick Cooney and Malik Dayem

(Photo by Tom Moore, WTAM)

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