Cleveland Making Change In Information Dissemination

(Cleveland) - The City of Cleveland will no longer attach daily COVID-19 figures to a daily news release with other information from City Hall.

Since the early part of the pandemic, the office of Mayor Frank Jackson has been putting out a daily news release, containing the day's COVID-19 figures. Since those figures aren't reconciliated until after the end of the business day, those news releases have been coming out as late as 8 p.m.

Those daily news releases also have been where the mayor's office had been releasing information unrelated to the pandemic, such as the firing of major city employees. Critics have said that the city was burying some information for the news media in the daily coronavirus release. That information had also been available to the general public through the city's blog.

As of Monday, the city will continue to put out the daily news release, but it will come out at the end of the business day. As for the coronavirus figures, they'll be released in the evening through social media.

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