Ten People Rescued From Ice Off Edgewater Beach

(Cleveland) - Seven adults and three children are doing okay after they were rescued from ice floes off Edgewater Beach in Cleveland on Sunday.

The Coast Guard tweeted Sunday afternoon that the people apparently walked out on the ice, and were stranded on two ice floes that broke off. A Coast Guard ice rescue team from Cleveland was sent to the area, along with Cleveland Fire's water rescue unit. Six of the people were rescued using a Coast Guard ice skiff, the others by Cleveland Fire.

Our partners at 3 News reported that none of the ten wanted to be taken to the hospital, admitting they felt embarrassed for what happened.

In the tweet, the Coast Guard said, "definitely do not recommend going on the ice." On Saturday, the National Weather Service tweeted, "It is advised to stay off the ice on Lake Erie as areas of ice could break off from the shore. If you are on the ice and it breaks away from shore, you will become stranded."

(Photo courtesy NOAA)

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