Jail Employee Caught With Suspected Gang Member

(Parma) - An employee at the Cuyahoga County Jail has been reassigned from jail sanitation, to the laundry room, after a situation in which she was in a car with her boyfriend, who is a suspected member of the Heartless Felons street gang.

Parma Police say they stopped the jail employee's car on January 25th for running a red light. In the car, police found a loaded semi-automatic rifle, and a gram of marijuana. Johnson Hardwick, who was a passenger in the car, said the rifle and the marijuana belonged to him, not to the driver. Hardwick is suspected of being a member of the Heartless Felons.

After the traffic stop, the jail employee filled out a form to notify her superiors that she had a relationship with a former inmate at the jail. The jail employee was moved from sanitation to the laundry room, so that she would have more supervision, and almost no contact with inmates.

Hardwick was charged with improper handling of a gun in a car. The jail employee was charged with a traffic violation.

(Photo of jail by Ken Robinson, WTAM)

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