A Day To Plow and Shovel

(Cleveland) - Greater Cleveland is digging out from the biggest snowfall of this winter, about 6-12 inches of snow, depending on where you are.

The Winter Storm Warning For Northeast Ohio was ended by the National Weather Service about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday

Roads and streets are gradually being plowed, but it may be a while before all side streets are plowed.

There are hundreds of closings and delays today. The up-to date list is here.

If you're looking for traffic updates, we have them all day long on WTAM, but you can also check this link.

Snow has ended for now, but the forecast calls for more on Thursday. And, there's another problem, as on Tuesday night, the low temperature will be in single digits, with wind chill readings below zero.

(Photo by Tom Moore, WTAM)

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