Name The First Tigers Born At The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo In 20 Years.

Cleveland MetroParks Tiger cub (photo courtesy of the Cleveland Metroparks)

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is excited to announce the birth of two Amur tiger cubs, the first tigers born in Cleveland in 20 years. The cubs, a male and female, were born overnight between December 24 and December 25, 2020, and are being hand-reared by a special team of Animal Care experts behind the scenes at the Zoo’s Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine.

It's time to name these cubs and YOU can help !Make a donation of any amount for the names of your choice. The choices with the most donations by February 24, 2021, will determine the winning names. Stay tuned to the Zoo and Zoo Society's social pages and emails for the announced names following this donation period. Donations made during this campaign will support our efforts in conservation and combating illegal wildlife trade.

The names to choose from are:

Male: Luka, Ivan, Yuri

Female: Valentina, Anya, Tatiana

Vote and donate HERE

Tiger Cub (photo courtesy of the Cleveland Metroparks)
Tiger Cub (photo courtesy of the Cleveland Metroparks)

Over the past few weeks, the cubs have been bottle-fed five times a day and have been gaining weight as well as reaching developmental milestones including opening their eyes and beginning to walk. Once they are a few months old, having gained adequate strength and fitness, they will make their home at the Zoo’s Rosebrough Tiger Passage.

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