Discount Drug Mart Joins MDA Shamrocks Campaign to Help Save Lives in Ohio

Discount Drug Mart

MEDINA, OH — More than 75 Discount Drug Mart locations in the Ohio area will be raising funds to help transform the lives of children and adults with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases during the 39th annual MDA Shamrocks program to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

From February 15, 2021 to March 16, 2021 Discount Drug Mart is adding an iconic paper Shamrock (pinup) to their purchase at check out for just a $1, $5 or a larger contribution. Each shamrock has a coupon for one free 20oz bottle of 7UP brand product with the purchase of a 20oz bottle of 7UP brand. Discount Drug Mart joins thousands of other retail locations throughout the country in this year’s program — the nation’s largest St. Patrick’s Day-themed fundraiser.

The MDA Shamrocks will be displayed on ceilings and walls in stores across Ohio and every community, visually declaring steadfast support to fund research and care for children and adults living with neuromuscular diseases that severely weaken muscle strength and mobility.

Thanks to the generosity of Discount Drug Mart employees and customers, we can help MDA fund the world’s best scientific and clinical researchers to find lifesaving treatment, care and support programs. Discount Drug Mart stated, “Since first teaming up with MDA, Discount Drug Mart and our customers have helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help MDA provide the families it serves with critical resources and support to fulfill life goals. We are happy to continue our support this year.”

The MDA Shamrocks program benefits the organization’s shared mission to fund groundbreaking research across diseases and provide families with the highest quality care from the best doctors in the country, including best in class multidisciplinary care at the MDA Care Center in Ohio. Funds raised also make MDA Virtual Summer Camp possible for Ohio area children. This summer program provides the opportunity for children to learn vital life skills, make life-long friendships and experience independence, at no cost to their families.

In just the past five years, MDA’s funding of research has led in part to major medical and scientific advancements including the development of 11 new drugs that are now available treatment options, and the promise of more to come. These advancements make this an unprecedented time in the history of neuromuscular disease research and care — made possible in part by the funds raised and support given over the years to the MDA Shamrocks program.

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