Dirt Devil Maker Leaving NE Ohio

(Glenwillow) - The maker of Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners has announced that its last remnant in Northeast Ohio will leave this area.

According to Cleveland Business Journal, Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd., the Hong Kong based company that bought Royal Appliance Manufacturing in 2003, has filed notice with the State of Ohio that it will close the Dirt Devil distribution center in Glenwillow by April 2, laying off 56 workers. The jobs will be moved to South Carolina.

Royal Appliance was founded in 1905 in Cleveland, liquidated four years later, and reopened in 1953. Royal unveiled the Dirt Devil brand in 1983. It moved to the former Mr. Coffee facility in Glenwillow in 2000.

In 2007, Techtronics acquired North Canton-based Hoover. The last remnants of the North Canton campus were moved to Texas and Mexico last year.

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