This Day In History- GI Joe, The Popular Toy, First Debuted

February 2nd

Today in 1653, Dutch settler incorporated New Amsterdam. Today, we know that city as New York.

Today in 1876, the National Baseball League was formed in New York.

Today in 1901,Female Army Nurse Corps was established as a permanent organization.

Today in 1942,the “L.A. Times” urged security measures against Japanese-Americans.

Today in 1964,GI Joe, the popular toy, first debuted.

Today in 1980, the world found out that the FBI had conducted a sting operation targeting members of Congress using phony Arab businessmen. The operation was called "Abscam," a codename protested by Arab-Americans.

Today in 1995, the Space Shuttle Discovery blasted off on a history-making mission from the Kennedy Space center in Florida. The pilot was astronaut Eileen Collins, thefirst woman ever to pilot a space shuttle.

Today in 1998, the company behind the Psychic Friends Network filed for bankruptcy protection. One infomercial industry expert commented, “All this could have been avoided if they’d called their own phone lines."

Today in 2000,searchersrecovered the cockpit voice recorder from the wreckage of Alaska Airlines Flight 261in the Pacific Ocean, off the California coast.

Today in 2014,Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle Seahawks defeated Denver Broncos 43-8and along the way was the most viewed television event in the United States with over 111-million viewers.

Today in 2016,the first case of Zika contracted on mainland United States (in Texas) and second known sexually transmitted case confirmed in Texas.

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