Swatting Phone Call Leads To Lock Down At Bay Village High School

Bay Village Police

Bay Village Press Release


On January 29, at 12:57pm, the Bay Village Police Department received a call from a person with a male’s voice reporting that an individual was in one of the high school bathrooms with guns and knives, threatening to shoot up the school. Bay Village Dispatch advised the School Resource Officer and patrol officers were dispatched to the scene. The school was notified and was put on lockdown. Mutual aid was requested from surrounding agencies.

Officers on scene performed a systematic, protective sweep of the building finding no active threats. A second, more thorough, search was conducted with no results. At this point, students were methodically released from their classrooms and escorted to school busses that were staged nearby. They were then taken by school bus to Bay Presbyterian Church where they were reunited with their parents.

Bay Village Detectives are investigating the incident. There have been NO arrests made in this case. Any names being associated with this case should not be deemed valid unless released by the Bay Village Police Department. It appears at this point that there was never any threat to Bay High Students or staff, rather this was a potential incident of “Swatting” or purposely causing alarm through police response.

There were no injuries during this event but a squad was called for a student having an anxiety attack. She was treated and released on scene to her parents.

The Bay Village Police Department would like to thank those who assisted with this matter. Officers from the following agencies assisted at the Bay High:

·Ohio State Highway Patrol

·Cleveland Metroparks Police

·North Olmsted Police

·Avon Lake Police

·Westlake Police

·Rocky River Police

·The Westshore Enforcement Bureau

·Bay Village Fire Department

·Bay Village Auxiliary Police

·Jodie Hausmann - Bay Village School Superintendent

·Jason Martin - Bay High School Principal

·Bay Village High School Staff

·Bay High student and parents for their understanding and patience

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