Cleveland EMS Workers Robbed As They Got Off Work

(Cleveland) - Proof that anyone can be a victim of a robbery, even members of a city's safety forces.

Cleveland Police say that on Saturday morning, they were called out to the EMS Station 42 at 4665 Pearl Road in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. Two EMS workers say they had been robbed at gunpoint.

The EMS workers told police they had gotten off work, and went to start their cars to warm them up. When they returned to the cars, the EMS workers saw three teenagers in one of the cars, attempting to steal it. There was a struggle, and one of the teenagers pulled out a gun. That teenager ran off, but the other two were apprehended and turned over to police.

The EMS workers had minor injuries.

The teenagers arrested are 13 and 14 years old. The third, who is still being sought by police, is about 13 years old.

(Photo by Ken Robinson, WTAM)

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