Ohio's Rep. Jordan One Of The GOP Who'll Object To Electoral Results

(Washington) - Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio 4th District), whose district includes Elyria and western portions of Lorain County, is one of the members of the House who will join about a dozen members of the Senate on Wednesday to object to the acceptance of the Electoral College vote that make Joe Biden the President-elect.

Jordan, speaking on Fox News on Sunday, Jordan said he and the other Republicans are calling for a ten-day audit of the states where it's believed election laws were violated. Jordan says the Constitution specifies that legislatures set election laws in each states, that they can't be changed by other state officials, as he says was done in Pennsylvania.

Jordan says he and the others are trying to prove there was election fraud all across the country.

Democrats are saying this is nothing more than a publicity stunt by Republicans, especially ones who are trying to stay in the good graces of President Trump, especially those who want his backing in future elections.

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