City Updates on Airport Parking & Recycling

(Cleveland) - The City of Cleveland is giving updates on parking at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and about its recycling program.

The city says that in anticipation of a more comprehensive capital project to improve concrete and expansion joints in the airport's Smart Parking garage, they will start shoring up the garage. The impact is minimal, aside from the loss of about 200 parking spaces. The eventual capital project will strengthen concrete in the garage, in areas to be determined by an engineering consultant. The Smart Garage is the one that connects directly to the terminal via a skyway.

The recycling program in Cleveland is currently on hold, as the city's previous contractor didn't renew its contract, and other bidders wanted too much to run the program. The city has hired a consultant to assess the recycling program. That report will likely be ready by mid-January, after City Council meets with the consultant to provide additional input. For now, Cleveland is mixing recyclable materials with regular trash.

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