Food Bank Distribution This Week Moved To Wednesday

(Cleveland) - The Greater Cleveland Food Bank's weekly drive thru distribution will be moved to Wednesday this week, at a slightly different time, from 1-4 p.m. The distribution is normally on Thursday, but this week, Thursday is New Year's Eve.

The weekly distribution will still be at the City of Cleveland Municipal Lot off the East Shoreway (State Route 2).

Everyone is encouraged to pre-register. When you register, you will receive a code that must be displayed in y our car window for the check-in process. If you need help, contact the Food Bank at 216-738-2067.

This, as always, is a drive -thru process. Food will be loaded into your trunk, and you will not have to get out for any reason. Your trunk must be empty.

Traffic coming from the east can stay on Route 2 and take Exit 106, S. Marginal Road, to get to the Muni Lot. Traffic coming from the south, go to Exit 175 on I-90, make a right, and an immediate right to get to the lot. Traffic coming from the west on Route 2 are also asked to go to Exit 175 on I-90 and make two right turns.

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