Shelter Dog Reunited With Owner After Missing Eight Years

(Twinsburg) - A dog that had been at the Humane Society of Summit County for the past 2 1/2 years, and had been missing for eight years, has been reunited with his owner in time for Christmas.

Junior, a Pit Bull and Terrier mix, was taken from Julia Nemeth's home during a home invasion in 2012. The dog was her inseparable companion, as she had raised Junior from a puppy.

After Junior had been stolen from her home, she kept looking at local shelter photos, and lost-and-found pet groups online.

Meanwhile, Junior originally arrived at the Humane Society shelter in July 2018 after being surrendered to humane officers. He became loved by the Humane Society staff, but was aloof with visitors. He was adopted three times, but came back, because he wasn't a good fit.

Nemeth eventually found Junior's picture on the website for the Humane Society this month, and called right away. When the dog saw Nemeth for the first time, he licked her face as there was a glimpse of a memory. Then, he responded to commands she had taught him years ago. Nemeth took Junior home that night.

(Photos courtesy Mike Majewski, Julia Nemeth, and Humane Society of Summit County)

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