Lake Health Becoming Part of University Hospitals

(Cleveland) - Lake County's major health care system will soon become part of University Hosptials. Lake Health has agreed to join UH, becoming the flagship community-based health care provider for Lake County.

The deal has been approved by both the Lake Health and University Hospitals boards, but it is still subject to regulatory approval. Both sides say the move will assure access to advanced health care and services for patients in Lake County now, and in the future.

“Our goal has been, and continues to be, to provide access to the highest quality care for the people of Lake County and surrounding communities, right here at home,” said Cynthia Moore-Hardy, president and CEO of Lake Health. “Joining UH will enable us to enhance existing health care services close to home and continue to improve health outcomes for the community.”

The agreement will build on UH’s legacy of expanding services at community hospitals and ensuring convenient access to the most advanced health care for patients. UH has committed to work closely with Lake Health’s Board, physicians, leadership, employees and volunteers to bring investments that will benefit the communities served, including enhancements to facilities, equipment and services. Additionally, UH will provide leading-edge technology, innovative practices, strong clinical research and other initiatives that will complement and grow Lake Health’s highly regarded clinical programs.

UH will honor existing affiliations with Lake Health, its employed physicians, and independent physicians affiliated with Lake Health, and offer broader support that includes access to UH clinical trials, training and education.

Lake Health’s team members will eventually transition to become UH employees following regulatory approval of the transaction. UH has committed to provide equivalent or better benefits and credit for time served. Patients will continue to receive outstanding care from the same Lake Health doctors and nurses in the same locations they have come to know and trust.

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