Huge Tip at Nighttown Inspires Beer Company Giveaway

(Undated) - Here's a followup to the story from the other day about a customer leaving a $3,000 tip to help a restaurant's wait crew, just before they lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

The customer added that huge tip onto a check at Nighttown in Cleveland Heights for a pint of Stella Artois beer. Now, the Belgian beer brand, owned by Anheuser-Busch inBev, says it will help out restaurant and bar servers elsewhere.

You can tag your favorite server on Twitter at #stellaunsungherogiveaway. They'll hold a random drawing, and one deserving restaurant worker will be given $6,000. A nice way of paying it forward.

The anonymous customer at Nighttown made the generous gift on the restaurant's last day of operation before a temporary shutdown due to the pandemic. It was split at $750 for each of the four members of the wait staff.

(Photo courtesy Brendan Ring, from his Facebook page)

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