Massive Tip Left At Nighttown

(Cleveland Heights) - Just before a well-known restaurant closed down due to the pandemic, one customer did something very generous.

Brendan Ring, owner of Nighttown on Cedar Road, posted it on his Facebook page. He said near the close of business on Sunday, a customer walked in, ordered a pint of beer, and asked for the check. He then handed the credit card slip to Ring, wished him well during the shutdown, and asked him to share the tip with the entire wait staff. There were four of them working that shift, so each received $750.

Ring says that as tthe man walked out, he looked at the tip, and realized it was for $3,000. The man told Ring it was no mistake. Ring says it's "unbelievable but symbolic of the kind of quality folks we have known at Nighttown all these years."

Nighttown's web site says they hope to reopen in the spring.

(Photo from Brendan Ring's Facebook page)

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