Dr. Firouz Daneshgari: President of BowTie Medical

Dr. Firouz Daneshgari

Photo courtesy of BowTie Medical

Dr. Daneshgari founded BowTie Medical in 2014, following the expected upcoming changes in the U.S. Health care with implementation of Affordable Care Act, and the Supreme Court Approval of the Individual Mandate in June 2012. BowTie Medical (BTM) is a CLIAS certified integrated health care organization that works with employers, schools and individuals across the United States. BTM has emerged as a leader in COVID-19 testing. They offer antibody and virus services for COVID-19 at two locations in Broadview Heights and Lyndhurst. They offer both antibody and virus testing.

BTM is an organization that aims to integrate three prongs of ‘care’, ‘advice’ and ‘payment’ in order to improve the health of an individual and to reduce the cost of ‘sick care’ by reducing waste, eliminating unnecessary care and restoring the control of health care selection and payment to the individual customer.

In addition to the expected ups and downs of a start-up company, BTM has seen a continuous growth and implementation of new lines of products and services, by employing up to 33 professionals and attracting venture funding.

Through the stages of his career, Dr. Daneshgari has become a visionary entrepreneur and executive surgeon-scientist with a deep understanding of the U.S. Health care physiology and pathologies. The continuous and required changes in the U.S. Health Care will only intensify the needs for talents and experience of Dr. Daneshgari in upcoming years.

Dr. Daneshgari is a master swimmer (10 miles per week) and cyclist (annual 400 miles ride between Cleveland and Cincinnati). He’s married to Kristen with two children, Zal and Riya. He’s proud to say he’s a United States citizen!

Visit BowTie Medical web site, www.gettestededohio.com HERE

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