Three Days Later, Some Still Without Power

(Cleveland) - It was Sunday when heavy storms hit Greater Cleveland. Right after those storms blew through, there were over 100,000 FirstEnergy customers in Northeast Ohio without power. As of Wednesday morning, that number was down to about 6,000, and those people are wondering how long it will take to get the power back on.

Power crews have had to rewire every customer individually, because in most cases, the power is out due to a tree limb that came down at or near the house. The crews have been working overtime hours since Sunday to restore customers, one by one. A storm like this is a situation unlike when a power substation goes out. That may cut power to a wide area, but those customers can all be restored at once. That can't happen after a storm with individual outages.

FirstEnergy's website says over 50 Cuyahoga County communities have some customers still out, but in many of those communities, fewer than one percent of customers are still out as of Wednesday morning. They are hoping to get nearly everyone back on line by 11 p.m. Wednesday.

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