Cleveland: Highest Two-Day COVID-19 Total

(Cleveland) - The City of Cleveland has reported 509 new cases of COVID-19 Monday and Tuesday, the largest two-day total of cases in the city since the pandemic began. 195 new cases were reported Monday, and 314 on Tuesday.

The new confirmed cases on Monday included males and females ranging in age from under five, up to their 90s. Tuesday's confirmed cases included males and femals ranging from under one year old, up to their 90s.

The figures from the city for Monday were not reported until Tuesday, in part due to what city officials call an "unprecedented surge" in the number of cases. Cases for Sunday still have not been compiled. During a media briefing on Tuesday, Mayor Frank Jackson said the numbers spiked at a faster rate than the city's health department could keep up with.

Jackson said the city is hiring more staff to help with confirming the numbers of COVID-19 cases.

(Photo of Mayor Jackson from news briefing video on Facebook)

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