Westlake Police Blotter: Man Totals His '55 Chevy Drinking & Driving

'55 Chevy Bel Air

Photos courtesy of the Westlake Police

News notes from the Westlake police blotter:

Dual alcohol related crashes:

On 11/5/20 at approx. 9:15PM, officers responded to Primrose Ln for a vehicle that had struck and destroyed a brick mailbox structure.At practically the same time there was another report of a vehicle that had left the roadway and struck a fire hydrant and garbage cans on Walter Rd.The female driver on Primrose indicated to the investigators that a deer had jumped out in front of her causing her to strike the mailbox.The 46yo Northfield resident could not explain why she had attempted to drive away from the scene on 3 tires.The female appeared intoxicated and was arrested for OVI after being field tested.She refused a breath test and was charged with OVI, Refusing a chemical test with a prior OVI conviction and failure to control.

The male 57yo Westlake resident who struck the fire hydrant with his ’55 Chevy Bel air also appeared intoxicated and admitted to a nurse who stopped to help that he had too much to drink at the Loco Leprechaun Bar down the street.The male had possible injuries and was transported to the hospital where he was charged with OVI.The 57yo also had a suspended license and had 4 prior OVI arrests.He refused a chemical test and was charged for the collision.

Mailbox Smashed in Westlake

On 10/30/20 at approx. 11:15PM officers responded to a report of a vehicle stopped facing E/B in the W/B lane of Detroit Rd just east of Columbia.The officers found that the driver appeared to be unconscious and possibly in medical distress.As the 44yo Bay Village resident came to he gave a thumbs up to the officers but appeared unable to talk.As the officer attempted to make sense of the man’s odd behavior and a squad was summoned, he had to place the vehicle into park for everyone’s safety.At that point, the driver unexpectedly grabbed a Duster aerosol can, placed it into his mouth and inhaled the contents.He then hid the can as if the officers did not just see him abuse the harmful intoxicants.In all 4 cans of the aerosol were found in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.The male was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and abusing harmful intoxicants.He refused to provide a urine sample for analysis.The Bay Village man was also charged with attempted drug possession for a narcotic pill found.Officers noted that the man had been arrested for driving under the influence after huffing aerosol on 10/22/20 in Middleburg Hts as well. His vehicle was impounded.

On 11/3/20 at approx. 10:45AM a contractor working at a business in the 24000 block of Detroit Rd called to report the theft of tools from the job site.The theft had occurred only minutes prior when the worker left the site to get additional supplies.Witnesses observed a male walking around the tools which were valued at around $2000.The suspect was last seen entering a vehicle that was described as being an older back and white police style vehicle.The still unidentified male was recorded on surveillance video.***Still photos are attached.If someone recognizes the male pictured or has additional information, please contact the Westlake PD non-emergency phone number at 440-871-3311.You can remain anonymous. ***

Tool Thief-Wanted

On 11/4/20 at approx. 6PM a citizen came to WPD to report that she was the victim of a computer scam.While working on her desktop computer, the 56yo received a pop up message that froze her screen.The message indicated that she should navigate to a website that looked to belong to Microsoft.Eventually, she was speaking with a male who offered to clean up her issues after she bought some Nike and EBay gift cards and read the numbers to the “IT expert.”The citizen realized this was improper and came to the Westlake PD to report the attempt.She was advised to disconnect her computer from the internet and have it looked at by a reputable repair person but absolutely not to pay the scammers with gift cards.

On 11/5/20 at about 1:45PM Enterprise Rent A Car called to report that one of their customers had not returned a 2020 Dodge Charger on 10/21/20 as promised.The vehicle, rented on 8/6/20 was entered as stolen in police databases.The male who rented the vehicle, a 41yo Lorain resident, admitted that he had let someone else use it but thought that it had been returned.The Westlake prosecutor will review the case for charges against the Lorain man.

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