Cedar Point's Operator Reflects On Pandemic

(Sandusky) - It was not a typical summer for the operators of Cedar Point, but they say they learned a lot from dealing with the pandemic.

Cedar Fair CEO Richard Zimmerman told investment analysts this week that by operating Cedar Point and six of Cedar Fair's other amusement parks this summer, they determined what will work and what won't work. Cedar Fair did not open six other of its facilities, including its two largest, California's Knott's Berry Farm, and Canada's Wonderland near Toronto.

Brian Witherow, the CFO of Cedar Fair, says there was one Saturday in October where Cedar Point had to cut off admissions because the Sandusky park reached its state-mandated limit.

The parks that opened, such as Cedar Point and King's Island, did make a profit this year, but the company as a whole lost money due to no income from the six closed parks. Plans are to open all 13 Cedar Fair facilities in 2021.

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