Complaints About Anti-Issue 68 Group

(Cleveland) - The president of the Cleveland Teachers Union has filed an elections complaint against Cleveland's Future Fund, LLC, which is the political action committee formed to oppose Issue 68, the tax levy for the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools.

In the complaint, CTU President Shari Obrenski said the PAC did not register as a political action committee, and missed state deadlines to file an campaign finance report.

Cleveland's Future's Fund, LLC, has not disclosed its backers, but Willoughby-based real estate developer Doug Price did confirm for Crain's Cleveland Business that he contributed to the campaign. The PAC has claimed on its website, in mailings, and in TV ads, that if Issue 68 passes, it would drive up rents, and force small businesses to close. They claim it would cost taxpayers $90 million more per year for each of the next ten years.

The pro-Issue 68 website says passage would add less than $7 per month in taxes to a home at the median value in Cleveland. It also says it would help the CMSD continue to raise the graduation rate, along with reading and math scores.

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