This Day In History- Hoover Dam –Began Full Operation

October 26th

Today in 1858, E. Smith of Philadelphia patented the rotary-motion washing machine.

Today in 1881,the famed "Gunfight at the OK Corral"unfolded in Tombstone, Arizonaas Wyatt Earp and his two brothers, along with "Doc" Holliday, traded bullets with the Ike Clanton gang. The bad guys lost, as three of Clanton's gang were killed and Earp's brothers were wounded.

Today in 1929,the first child was born on an airplane over Miami. Her name? Airlene.

Today in 1936,Boulder Dam – now Hoover Dam –began full operation.

Today in 1949,President Truman signed a measure raising the minimum wage from 40- to 75-cents an hour.

Today in 1972,national security adviser Henry Kissinger declared,"Peace is at hand" in Vietnam. On January 27, 1973, a cease-fire went into effect and on March 29th, 1973, the last U.S. ground forces left the country.

Today in 1996,federal prosecutors officially cleared Richard Jewell as a suspect in the Olympic park bombing – ending a three-month ordeal for the former security guard. While he was legally out of trouble, the initial charge stuck with him until he died in 2007.

Today in 1996,the New York Yankees won their first World Series since 1978,defeating the Atlanta Braves 3-to-2 in game six.

Today in 1997,the Florida Marlins became the youngest franchise to win the World Series with a 3-to-2 victory in the eleventh inning over the Cleveland Indians in the seventh and final game.

Today in 2001,it was announced that Fort Worth's Lockheed Martin won a defense contract for $200-billion over 40 years. The contract, for the "joint strike fighter,"was the largest defense contract in history.

Today in 2002,the “Moscow Theatre Siege”ended as Russian authorities pumped a gas into a theater where separatist rebels held over 800 hostages. The gas killed 116 hostages and all 50 hostage-takers were killed by the gas or gunshot wounds.

Today in 2003,the Cedar Fire,one of the largest fires in California history, killed 15 people, consumed 250,000 acres and destroyed 2,200 homes around San Diego.

Today in 2015,World Health Organization classified processed meat as carcinogenic. What classifies as “processed meat? Hot dogs, ham, sausages, corned beef, and biltong or beef jerky as well as canned meat and meat-based preparations/sauces.

Today in 2017,President Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency.

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