Lorain County Sheriff Police Dog "Brix" Dies At The Age Of 13

Brix with Deputy Adam Trifiletti

Photo courtesy of the Lorain County Sheriff's Department

Note from the office of Lorain Sheriff Phil Stammitti:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our family members, retired Canine “Brix”.At the age of thirteen (13), Brix former partner and handler, Deputy Adam Trifiletti informed us that it was necessary to have Brix euthanized on the evening of October 21st.

Brix served with Deputy Trifiletti from January of 2012 until the time of retirement in August of 2018.Deputy Trifiletti then purchased Brix from the County and he lived out the remainder of his time as a loyal member of the Trifiletti family.

Our condolences go out to Deputy Trifiletti and his family as we understand the magnitude of their loss.

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