New Bridge To Lakefront's Wendy Park

(Cleveland) - For most people the only way to access Wendy Park on Cleveland's lakefront is to go to Edgewater Park, and then drive down a long road to the small park. Soon, that will change.

The Cleveland Metroparks are working on a plan that will allow direct access to the waterfront park for walkers and bicyclists. A bridge that is being built over Conrail tracks will provide direct access to the park without going to Edgewater.

The bridge, seen in the photo above, will eventually be placed over the railroad tracks. It will be part of a $16 million project called "Reconnecting Cleveland." Sean McDermott, chief planning officer for Cleveland Metroparks, says the bridge will help connect the lakefront with bicycle paths through the Flats, and continuing the feeling of the Flats as an industrial valley.

(Photo Courtesy Cleveland Metroparks)

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