This Day In History- "The Jetsons" Premiered On ABC-TV

September 23rd

Today in 1780,British Major John Andre revealed Benedict Arnold's plot to betray West Point.

Today in 1845,America's first baseball team to play baseball under modern rules was formed: the New York Knickerbockers.

Today in 1950,Nobel peace prize was awarded to Ralph Bunche for his late 1940’s mediation in Israel– he was the first African American winner of the prize.

Today in 1952,Richard Nixon delivered his "Checkers Speech." The speech was a response to allegations of improper campaign financing. Mr. Nixon, then a candidate for Vice President, stated that he would not give back a gift – whether it had political ties or not – because it was a present for his daughter. The gift in question was Checkers (a dog) and the speech was forever referred to as the "Checkers Speech."

Today in 1962,"The Jetsons"premiered on ABC-TV. The animated cartoon series about a space-age family was the first program to be carried by the network in color.

Today in 1976,President Gerald Ford and Democratic Presidential hopeful Jimmy Cartermet for a nationally broadcast debate. However, during the debate,the pair was silent for 27 minutes because the sound system failed. Of course, debates have always been good fodder for the most cringeworthy moments in television –

Today in 1995,Keyshawn Johnson caught 13 passes for 171 yards, becoming the first player in NCAA history with 12 straight 100-yard receiving games, as Southern California beat Arizona State 31-0.

Today in 1996,the Detroit Tigers tied a club record with their 104th loss, a record that had stood for 46 years.

Today in 1998,Sammy Sosa hit his 64th and 65th home runs, tying Mark McGwire for the single-season record.

Today in 1999,Lawrence Russell Brewer was sentenced to death in Bryan, Texas, for the 1998 dragging death of James Byrd Jr. Brewerwas put to death in 2011. His colleague, John William King, was sentenced to die on February 25, 1999 – and currently remains on death row.

Today in 1999,NASA announced that it had lost contact with the Mars Climate Orbiter.

Today in 2012,scientists discovered four genetically distinct types of breast cancer.

Today in 2016,police officer Betty Shelby was charged with manslaughter for fatally shooting unarmed black man Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shewas later acquitted.

Today in 2017,President Donald Trump withdrew an invitation to the White House for NBA champions Golden State Warriors after Stephen Curry said he didn't want to attend.

Today in 2019,activist Greta Thunberg infamously scolded world leaders with her "How Dare You" speech for not addressing climate change at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York.

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