Three Being Questioned In Police Detective's Murder

(Cleveland) - Three people are now being questioned in connection with Thursday night's murder of Cleveland Police Detective James Skernivitz. They are two juveniles, and one adult, and they are being held on other charges.

At a virtual news conference heard live on WTAM on Friday afternoon, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Safety Director Karrie Howard, and Police Chief Calvin Williams gave some updates on the case, and also talked about the suicide of police officer Nicholas Sabo on Thursday night.

No details were given into the case in which Det. Skernivitz was working, as it's still an open case. Nothing was said about the man who was reportedly in the back seat of Det. Skernivitz's car, a man who was reportedly an informant.

Williams said, "Jim was a great police officer. He was what we called a policeman's policeman. He worked hard for the city he loved, he worked hard to take care of his family, and he worked hard to take care of his fellow officers."

Skernivitz was assigned to CPD's Gang Impact Unit, and was most recently sworn in to the Violent Crimes Task Force. He had been assigned to work with the FBI as part of Operation Legend, which is a joint federal and local program in Cleveland and eight other large cities to deal with violent crimes.

Speaking about Sabo, Chief Williams said he had made a lateral transfer to the Cleveland Division of Police from another agency near Columbus, because he wanted be a Cleveland Police officer. Williams and Howard said they do not know why Officer Sabo took his own life.

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(Photos courtesy Cleveland Police)

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